About me

In 2010 I made the decision to follow a career path dedicated to peace building and conflict resolution, resulting in enlistment at the Royal Netherlands Navy in 2012. Currently, I am specializing into conflict resolution at Radboud University's Center for International Conflict -  Analyses and Managment. Since July 2015 I have been working part time at Radboud University as faculty advisor for the course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy and currently as a research assistant at the Center for International Conflict -  Analyses and Managment. In February 2016 I started my own consultancy and training bureau "Pantheon". Focussing on teaching skills needed to act within the international setting (Public Speaking, Negotiation, Etiquette, Protocol) as well as offering consultation on maritime and defense issues.

Named after Tolstoy's 19th century classic, the War and Peace project was created to provide a better understanding of concepts of war and peace, security and rule of law. To gain insight in the perils and dilemmas policy makers, military personnel and those involved with peace building face on a daily basis. By delving into the matters of conflict, by its nature multi-dimensional and multi-clausel, one can not ignore the underlying aspects of historical, political, economical, ethical, geographical, and philosophical c.q. ethical or religious influences that form the basis of conflict.  

The website warandpeace.nl serves as a collection of my writings (I post my academic contributions graded at university with higher than a 75), as well as a place to write out thoughts and collect quotes/definitions.

Current projects:

Ontological and Epistemological stances in conflict theory
Research on various theories related to conflict, based on Demmers-Hollis matrix at CICAM

Maritime Trade Routes
Research paper on the importance of the maritime trade routes and critical passages (Suez / Panama) at Radboud University Nijmegen.

City Responsibility: The Role of Municipalities in Conflict Prevention
Contributions of United Netherlands to a policy-oriented study that will specifically seek to examine how city municipalities prevent and mitigate violent conflict and other forms of crises in the global North and South. On invitation of Mr. Frans Bouwen, MA (The Hague Institute of Global Justice)

The Dictionary on War and Peace
Writing a dictionary to clarify terms used in war and peace studies based on 1998' Dictionary of International Relations

Past projects:


Junior Board of Studies: Honours Program
Faculty Advisor at Radboud University for the honours program course: United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory & Practice (UNMD) via United Netherlands. The Honours Program works closely together with Radboud University / CICAM, NLDA, The Hague Institute of Global Justice, and Clingendael Institute. Part of the program entails participation in the MUN simulations in Oxford (OxiMUN) and Harvard (HNMUN)


LoN Mandate A countries
Research paper on the geopolitical situation the former LoN mandate A countries (Mesopotamia, Palenstine, Syria) at Nijmegen Centre for Border Research

Military Intelligence and International Security research
With Dr. Hew Dylan at King's College, London, United Kingdom
Paper published on warandpeace.nl - http://warandpeace.nl/articles/144/papers

Social Theory in Peacebuilding
Thesis research at the Netherlands Defense Academy under supervision of Prof dr ir Georg Frerks (Utrecht University / NLDA) and prof. dr. Désirée Verweij (Radboud University: CICAM / NLDA)

Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance

Study trip: Georgia & Armenia
Twee week stay in the Caucasus region with visits to institutions related to international affairs in Tbilisi and Yeravan with students from Radboud University 

Conflict in the Balkan
CICAM organized simulation on former Yugoslavia and the negotiations of the peace agreement reached at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, United States, in November 1995 (Dayton Simulation)

Election Monitoring: Lithuania
One week in Lithuania to assist in election monitoring on request of the Dutch Embassy in Lithuania in conjunction with the civil society actor 'Baltosios pirštinės' (White Gloves)

Spatial Theories and the Law of Unintended Consequences in Peace Building Missions
Research Poster presented at UNDP, New York, United States in February 2015.
Paper published on warandpeace.nl - http://warandpeace.nl/articles/84/papers


A united European security institution as a remedy against a multipolar, divided Europe
Paper published on warandpeace.nl - http://warandpeace.nl/articles/81/papers

Personal interest: Contemporary and International Conflict Management
Summer Module at Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht, The Netherlands, coordinated by Prof dr ir Georg Frerks (Utrecht University / NLDA)

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