About me

In 2010 I made the decision to follow a career path dedicated to peace building and conflict resolution, resulting in enlistment at the Royal Netherlands Navy in 2012. Currently, I am specializing into conflict resolution at Radboud University's Center for International Conflict -  Analyses and Managment. Since July 2015 I have been working part time at Radboud University as faculty advisor for the course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy and currently as a research assistant at the Center for International Conflict -  Analyses and Managment. In February 2016 I started my own consultancy and training bureau "Pantheon". Focussing on teaching skills needed to act within the international setting (Public Speaking, Negotiation, Etiquette, Protocol) as well as offering consultation on maritime and defense issues.

Social Capital

By G.L.J. Jacobs on 2016-03-23 in Definitions,

By social capital, Putnam refers to norms of generalized reciprocity, trust, and networks of civic engagement that are organized horizontally. These ingredients of social capital reduce the information costs about the trustworthiness of other citizens and foster cooperation. Associations, voluntary organizations, and mass-based political parties represent such networks and they inculcate such norms and trust. In conditions where public life is organized hierarchically, engagement in horizontal organizations social and cultural associations does not exist, and thus norms of trust and cooperation cannot prevail.”